I am convinced that women should give birth self-determined and with the most competent medical support. During the birth either at home or in the Geburtshaus I will pay attention to your safety in a way comparable to a hospital. It is important that a pregnant woman and her midwife have confidence in one another. Therefore it is important to me to get to know each individual woman, her wishes and her life circumstances in order to plan the birth as well as possible. We will also discuss in detail any risks and how to solve unexpected situations together.


Three weeks prior to the due date I will be on call 24 hours a day. I will be available for 5 weeks total at any time for the woman to give birth. This service costs 700 Euro and is a fixed amount. Most compulsory insurances will pay back 250 Euro.

During birth I am always present, watch the process and the well-being of mother and child. I help whenever necessary. After the birth of the placenta, the first breastfeeding, the examination of the newborn and if needed the tending to injuries, the child and parents are send home or will stay at home well aided.

I also work with a number of other colleagues who assist me as a second midwife and also stand in in case of absence caused by illness.